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4 Common Automotive Locksmith Problems Your Vancouver Locksmith Can Ad

We’ve all been there. A wonderfully hectic day, when you hope nothing can go wrong, and then you lock yourself out of your car. Don’t panic – help is just round the corner. Here are four common car lock issues that can be addressed by an expert automotive locksmith in Vancouver.

1. The lock could be damaged: If your car key suddenly won’t turn in the lock, it could be that you are dealing with a damaged lock. Debris or dirt can commonly affect the locking mechanism, making it near impossible for your key to turn in correctly. Have your locksmith look it over and have the lock cleaned out.

2. The key itself could be affected: Here’s another common reason why people can’t get their keys to work: a damaged key. The key is subject to wear and tear over the years and if you aren’t careful it is easy to damage it through misuse. Your automotive locksmith in Vancouver can check to see if the key is bent or otherwise misaligned. This may mean that they will have to issue you a new key to use with your car.

3. Weak batteries: If you use a keyless entry system to get into your car, The simplest reason for your not being able to get in is because the batteries are dead. While batteries last long, they don’t last forever. Have your locksmith change the batteries of your remote locking system so that you can get into your car with no trouble.

4. Key needs to be paired with the car: With modern key fobs, the right programming has to be done to have them pair with the car they are meant to unlock. If you have recently received a duplicate key, the possibility is that this pairing was not done correctly. Your automotive locksmith in Vancouver can have it reprogrammed so it will work properly.

These are just four common problems our customers face. If you are facing a problem with your car locking system or ignition, call up your automotive locksmith in Surrey. We are only a phone call away!

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